Transitioning to a Skilled Nursing Facility

Transitioning to independent living such as a St. Augustine retirement community is often a greatly recommended step in preserving seniors’ and their family’s well-being.

However, major life adjustments or transformations may require your family to endure some difficulties at first. Taking the proper steps when transitioning your elderly parents to independent living might be less stressful for them. Make the transition to St. Augustine independent living easy with these 5 tips:

  1. Prepare Mentally

Regardless of how long you’ve been preparing to transition your loved one to St. Augustine, Floridaretirement communities, there might still be some anxiety and fear. 

There’s never a time when anyone is fully prepared for a move, so what you can do is make use of everyone around you, your online connections, and anyone you find inspirational for the well-needed support. Establishing a rapport with the caregivers is also a great move as they are trained to deal with seniors going through transition anxiety.

Allowing yourself to talk away the fears will help you to conquer them. Our most valuable guidance is to exercise patience with your loved ones as every individual adjusts emotionally at their own pace. 

  1. Begin Downsizing Right Away 

Even if you’ve only lived together a few years, relocating to retirement communities near St. Augustine, Florida and downsizing may be a stressful experience for all parties concerned.

Start early to determine which goods will be required in your parents’ new house vs. those that can be tossed, stored, handed down, or donated. These steps will help your parent better deal with the emotional process of moving to assisted living in Saint Augustine.

  1. Make Their Room Welcoming 

Make the room as comfortable and homely as possible at St. Augustine skilled nursing facilities. This usually helps to put their minds at ease and to start warming up to the new setting. If feasible, try to recreate the old living environment and organize the items the same way.

  1. Encourage Participation 

Whichever activity typically stimulates your elderly mom or dad, there’s usually something to fill that slot at a St. Augustine retirement community. Please encourage them to join and participate in various community events upon moving in, which will be beneficial both physically and mentally.

  1. Arrange For Family Visits 

It’s a huge boost when parents at St. Augustine, Florida retirement communities anticipate meeting familiar faces. Arrange with various family members and make sure your parents know when to expect each visit by hanging a calendar in their new living area.

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