Pro Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

The swing is the most essential weapon in any golfer’s armory. As such, not even the most expensive golf clubs in the world can help you until you nail down your swing. Today, we’ll go over a few pro tips to improve your golf swing. Ready to hit the green? Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind:

Use Less Power

It’s a common belief that putting more power and force behind your swing will result in a better shot. However, hitting the ball with too much power will likely result in the ball veering off widely in the wrong direction.

Putting all of your force behind a swing may also cause you to miss the ball entirely. Although power is important, it needs to be distributed evenly throughout your arms, hips, and torso. Rather than putting all of the force into your arms, your golf swing needs to have a certain level of fluidity. 

You can compare a golf swing to a dance move where your whole body needs to be balanced for a successful hit. The next time you go golfing, shift some of the power into your hips and torso and move your body with the club as you swing. 

You’ll be shocked at the impact this will have when your club comes into contact with the ball.

Perfect Your Grip

Although it’s challenging to advise on how to grip a golf club since everyone has their own preferences, one tip can be widely applied. Your grip should be relaxed in order to stimulate clubhead speed and a clean shot. Many golfers grip their club too tightly when they swing, which results in lost power. 

However, make sure not to relax your grip so much that it results in the club flying out of your hands on the follow-through.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Another common mistake golfers make when carrying out their swing is looking at the target instead of the ball itself. By looking at the golf ball as you swing, you ensure making contact with the ball upon impact. This approach helps deliver a powerful, square-on shot.

An excellent way to remember keeping your eye on the ball is to keep your head still throughout the entire swing. The less head movement, the more accurate and stable your shot will be.

Finish the Swing

After swinging your golf club, your finishing position tells you a lot about the swing you just made. Golfers with a well-balanced finish position typically use their bodies properly during the backswing and downswing. 

If you ever see pro golfers on TV or in person, pay attention to how they hold their finish positions. The majority of the top players will hold their finish until the ball lands, displaying outstanding balance and control. 

As you’re practicing your finish, take a slower swing and remain in your finish stance for a three count after. If you succeed, you can continue picking up the pace until you get to your full swing speed. Having a sturdy follow-through and finish will improve your balance and ability to swing on the correct plane.

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