3 Top Safety Devices for Seniors

Aging naturally comes with increased safety concerns. Between health issues and decreased mobility, things that were once safe can become hazardous. Luckily, with modern technology, there are several devices that can make daily life safer for seniors.

Whether living in St. Augustine assisted living or living independently in the family home, seniors can benefit from these top 3 safety devices.

1. Wearable Heart Monitor

Health device manufacturers offer lightweight, wearable sensors that monitor heart activity in real time. If the sensor detects an abnormality, it can alert the person wearing it as well as a doctor or medical facility.

When it comes to heart issues, the ability to detect them fast can make the difference between life and death.

2. Emergency Alert Device

Emergency alert devices have been around for decades and have saved many lives. These devices allow seniors to call for help if they’ve fallen, gotten lost, or found themselves in another dangerous situation where they can’t call 911. 

Some emergency alert devices even have automatic features that can detect abnormal activity and call for help without a prompt.

3. Medication Managers

Taking daily medications can be easy to forget about at any point in life. As seniors age, forgetfulness may become more common, and failing to take medications on time can be dangerous. Today, there are sophisticated devices on the market that alert seniors if they have not taken their meds. The devices can alert a doctor as well.

Stay Safe in St. Augustine Assisted Living

One of the major benefits of residing in an independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility in St. Augustine, FL, is the added layer of safety. Between 24/7 staff available to help in an emergency and physical community security, all residents can remain safe and sound.

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