Strengthen Your Mental Health with an Active Lifestyle

Studies show that certain hobbies help older adults’ mental health. Exercise and sports are two activities that might help the elderly improve their mental health. If you’re curious about how an active lifestyle benefits your well-being, here are a few ways to strengthen your mental health at assisted living facilities in St. Augustine, Florida!

Physical Activities 

The elderly in St. Augustine assisted living engage in various physical activities in the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, physically handicapped individuals can benefit from gentle music. Even when seated, music allows the elderly to move their arms and legs. Exercise promotes blood circulation and the release of hormones like endorphin, which increase comfort and happiness. Exercise at assisted living facilities in St. Augustine, Florida improves blood circulation, which helps to decrease the progression of dementia.

Remembrance Therapy 

This sort of therapy operates as an antidepressant and can assist the elderly in becoming more engaged. Allowing older adults to reminisce about past events encourages them to participate even more. The elderly prefer to chat about their experiences rather than keep up with the news. These kinds of therapy sessions at Saint Augustine assisted living facilities might involve a variety of artifacts from the past.

Doing Crafts 

Therapists can help the elderly connect with the world outside their homes by encouraging them to participate in specialized crafts. It takes a lot of concentration when doing arts and crafts. Therefore, encouraging residents to participate in activities such as creating greeting cards and decorations can benefit their mental health. Plus, themed activities, such as Halloween parties, can help them feel more engaged in life.

Learn More About St. Augustine Assisted Living

In the United States, more than seventy percent of the elderly with mental disorders have improved their quality of life thanks to effective mental health care, according to the National Library of Medicine. In assisted living facilities in St. Augustine, Florida, mental health is always a priority. 

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