Gardening Trends In Saint Augustine Independent Living Communities

Leaving behind a home you’ve lived in all your life is not an easy move to make. However, sometimes health conditions, old age, limited mobility and lack of family support in close proximity make this a necessary decision.

Independent living communities in St. Augustine find various ways to encourage physical activity and emotional balance for the wellbeing of their residents. It is essential for residents of a community to feel a sense of belonging, and this can easily be created by having them contribute towards creating or nurturing something together.

Gardening is one such activity that doesn’t just look aesthetically pleasing, but also allows seniors to feel involved, gives them purpose and provides health benefits as well.

  • Being outdoors is a great way for the body to create Vitamin D through sun exposure. It increases calcium levels which is very beneficial for bones and the immune system.
  • Gardening also helps fight stress, calms down anxiety and eliminates loneliness. Having a sense of purpose and seeing the fruit of your hard work is a very fulfilling feeling, and for seniors this is a very positive activity to engage in.
  • Working on planting, weeding and other activities pertaining to gardening allows old muscles to be exercised and increases stamina and flexibility.
  • Being active and alert encourages the elderly to function better, carry out their own tasks and remain as independent as possible.
  • Being outdoors and engaging in physical activity helps people sleep better. For seniors suffering with various health issues including insomnia, gardening can be a great exercise that helps them sleep better at night and wake up feeling well-rested.
  • Working with neighbors and other residents to create something that brings color and life to their home encourages seniors to feel like they are contributing towards society and helping improve the environment as well.
  • Social interaction is another big factor. After settling into their new assisted or independent living communities, some seniors may miss the company of family that used to live nearby or the daily chats with neighbors. Becoming a part of a gardening group gives them a chance to socialize with other people their age and make new friends.
  • Gardening in their new assisted living communities may also help some seniors who are mourning the loss of their own backyards and gardens after moving. This allows them to once again have the opportunity to nurture plants, grow flowers and enjoy their favorite hobby once again.

Whether its skilled nursing facilities you are looking for or independent living community options in St. Augustine, Florida, you will be please to find out how much we cater to the health and harmony of our residents at Westminster St. Augustine. Contact us today and book a tour to see how gardening and other trends in our retirement community are helping our residents feel more at home and socially engaged.

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