A Walk Through a Normal Day of Assisted Living

From looking around a beautiful campus to relaxing at a table and gazing at an amazing view, assisted living facilities in St. Augustine, Florida have plenty to offer. Not only that, retirement communities near St. Augustine, Florida are comfortable environments you need to see. Keep reading to get a look at what a walkthrough of this St. Augustine retirement community looks like.

Lovely Dining Amenities

Three meals a day is an understatement for many retirement communities near St. Augustine, Florida. The meals are both healthy and heart-warming, with dining available all day in a cozy dining room meant for eating and conversing. Whether you arrive for breakfast or dinner, the staff are sure to prioritize excellent food with plenty of menu options.

Participate in Wellness Programs

Practicing self-care is an important part of living comfortably in St. Augustine assisted living facilities. That’s why a wellness program goes the extra mile to make sure your mental, emotional, and physical health needs are met. You may even meet a special friend or enjoy a regular conversation with staff while working on enjoying your life to the fullest.

Clean Environments

Health and safety are two cornerstones of assisted living. That’s why St. Augustine retirement homes have housekeeping staff working throughout the day. Floors are swept, mopped, and shined, and every room is carefully cleaned. When you walk into Westminster St. Augustine, you’re bound to be impressed by what you see.

Swim in Warm Pools

There comes a time when you want to relax and enjoy a hot bath. Fortunately, St. Augustine, Florida retirement communities have heated outdoor swimming pools with lakeshore views. This means that whether you’re stressed and overwhelmed or happy and comfortable, you’re guaranteed to be enticed by the water and its accompanying views.

Continued Education

There is no end to learning. That’s why while walking through your new retirement home, you’ll hear about residents studying and participating in ongoing learning opportunities. Continued education is an important part of living well, and the staff and friends you’ll meet will encourage you to brush up on a new skill, learn a new language, or simply enjoy life through ongoing study.

When you come to retirement communities near St. Augustine, Florida, you should expect nothing but the best. These programs are meant to keep people happy and living well, so we hope taking a walk through our community will encourage you to live your life comfortably and happily.

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