What Level of Senior Living is Right For You?

Older homeowners may one day find that St. Augustine assisted living is the better living choice going forward. Sometimes, there exists the question of whether assisted living, independent living, or skilled nursing is the right choice. Assisted living in Saint Augustine offers residents access to amenities and helpful services that can make for comfortable, affordable, and safe living. Read on to learn more about these communities so you can make the best choice.

Independent Living 

You’ll want to consider your priorities before making a choice. If access to amenities is more important than receiving regular medical care, then assisted living in St. Augustine might be your preferred residential option. Independent living in Saint Augustine provides many amenities, including:

  • A well-being program to encourage emotional and mental stability.
  • A library filled with titles for hours of reading enjoyment.
  • 24-hour security and routine housekeeping services.

These offerings can make a stable stay more comfortable. But if you have medical issues, severe pain, or other chronic conditions requiring ongoing monitoring, assisted living would be more helpful considering the resources that are available.

Assisted Living

Health monitoring is done regularly. Medical staff will use equipment and devices meant to monitor residents’ heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Whereas independent living focuses on access to more amenities and perhaps increased freedom, assisted living requires a focus on basic medical care.

Skilled Nursing

For residents with more advanced conditions, medical professionals with skilled experience will work with residents to get their health stable. These living communities may be intended to provide either short-term or long-term rehabilitation. In skilled nursing, living arrangements will revolve around rehabilitation for most of the time a resident lives at the facility. The goal is to help the residents recover and get back to their normal lives rather than remain in the program for the rest of their lives.

You should always consider your goals, future, and current needs when deciding whether assisted living, independent living, or skilled nursing is right for you. Each of these living options differs from one another in their intended purpose and long-term goals. Either way, when choosing assisted living in St. Augustine, you’ll receive quality care and access to services that will make your life more comfortable.

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