4 Birthday Celebration Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

4 Birthday Celebration Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

Every birthday is cause for celebration, no matter what age. If your loved one moves into an assisted living facility, there are plenty of ways you can continue to celebrate them in their new home. Here are 4 birthday celebration ideas for seniors in assisted living communities.

1. Host a Decade-Themed Party

Many assisted living facilities in St. Augustine, FL, are more than happy to allow visitors to plan gatherings, as long as it’s done ahead of time. A fun idea is to plan a decade-themed birthday party. Pick your loved one’s favorite decade, then decorate and dress accordingly. Set the mood by playing music hits from that decade. 

The assisted living community staff may even be able to help you organize so that fellow residents can partake in the festivities.

2. Organize a Special Meal

Everyone should have a special brunch, lunch, or dinner on their birthday. You can invite other residents and visitors to a meal where guests can give toasts or simply enjoy each other’s company. Visitors can bring in special food, so the birthday boy or girl enjoys their favorite meal with the ones they love.

3. Bring Entertainment to Them

As part of their amenities, many St. Augustine assisted living communities have common areas that can host an entertainer and crowd. You can hire a musical act, a magician, or another entertainer to visit the assisted living community. 

By bringing the entertainment to the community, all the residents can join in on the fun. Even something as simple as a play performed by kids in the family can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. 

4. Keep It Simple

Not everyone wants to have an over-the-top birthday celebration each year. Some seniors prefer to keep it simple and spend quality time with family. Celebrating with a small family group over a meal or simply enjoying each other’s company can be just as fulfilling as hosting a large party.

You can also plan a simple outing for a change of venue. Taking your loved one out to a restaurant, to the movies, or shopping are additional ways to make new memories.

St. Augustine Assisted Living

For seniors, St. Augustine is a great place to celebrate birthdays in assisted living. St. Augustine assisted living communities cater to their residents by providing homey environments that will accommodate both small and large birthday celebrations.

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