3 Tips to Help Seniors Adjust to Long-Term Care

Long-term care communities can significantly improve the quality of life for seniors. Communities that provide assisted living in Saint Augustine can provide support with daily activities, medication management, housekeeping, transportation, and much more. 

However, change can be hard for seniors, and adjusting to long-term care is not a process that happens overnight. Here are three tips to help seniors adjust to long-term care.

1. Find the Right Community Fit

No two St. Augustine assisted living communities are the same. The services offered may not meet all of the needs of a particular senior, or the community may not be in a location close to family. It is important to do ample research when searching for long-term care. 

Today, you can request information online, tour facilities in person, or even request a virtual tour. Finding a community that meets all of the senior’s needs and preferences will go a long way in making the transition easier.

2. Create a Comfortable Environment

Moving out of a family home and into a long-term care community does not mean that seniors have to give up the comfort and familiarity of their own space. Take time to decorate their new accommodations, organize their belongings, hang art, or anything else to make the space feel like home. 

3. Plan Daily Activities

Adjusting to a long-term care community is not only a change in physical environment but also in daily schedule. Loved ones can make the move much easier by planning daily activities for the senior, especially in the early days.

Make a plan to visit them, take them out to lunch, and sign them up for activities. Having a plan in place will remove feelings of uncertainty and make the adjustment easier.

Care in St. Augustine Assisted Living

St. Augustine is home to some of the best assisted living communities around. With dedicated staff and a little help from family, seniors can adjust to long-term care in no time.

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