6 Tips to Help Seniors Smoothly Transition from Home to Independent Living

Whenever a senior experiences a significant life change, they often experience confusion, stress, and unhappiness. Moving from a home to a community for independent living can be one of those stressful experiences for seniors and their family members. 

But that stress can be minimized by following some helpful tips. It even has the potential to turn into a time of excitement and adventure with as little anxiety as possible.

Moving to St. Augustine Assisted Living or Independent Living

When a loved one transitions from living at home to St. Augustine assisted living, there is much you can do to ensure a smooth transition. Take an active role in the move as you keep in mind the following tips:

1.      Plan Ahead

A significant amount of the stress seniors can go through is due to sudden changes for which they are unprepared. Give them time to adjust to the idea of living somewhere new, and don’t try to push things along too fast. 

2.   Start Smart

Don’t start packing sentimental items first. Begin by packing up an area or room that does not hold great sentimental value, such as a bathroom. 

3.   Give Seniors Space

While helping your loved one pack, give them the time they need to work through it if they find something that stirs up emotion. Be patient, listen to their stories, and allow them time and space to adjust.

4.   Create a Layout for Their New Home with Them

Change is difficult for many seniors, especially when the entire layout of their home will be different. It helps to decrease anxiety and apprehension if you obtain (or create) a layout of their new space and sit down with them to plan where their belongings will go.

5.   Pack a Special Box the Night Before

Pack up some items your loved one will need to use during the day in a special box. They can keep this box close at hand so the items are easy to find, which will alleviate stress instead of creating more of it. These items might include medications, mementos, and medical devices.

6.   Take Photos

Often, the senior has lived in their home for a long time. There are likely to be many precious memories within the walls of their home. Take photos they can keep with them forever to help ease their apprehension about leaving.

Make the Day a Little Easier

Be ready to offer your loved one plenty of support and love when the day comes to move to assisted or independent living. With your help, the transition doesn’t have to be quite as stressful.

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